Welcome to the world of SCAPA.
English-styled, contemporary fashion that transcends all trends.

It all started over 50 years ago, when SCAPA ‘spirit’ Arlette Van Oost got stuck on the island Orkney. There, she lost her heart to the harsh, wonderful nature and the open mentality of its people.

The work of local knitters inspired her and rooted an authentic Belgian fashion brand. Soon, it would write history with its casually chique silhouettes that oozed comfort and quality. And above all: timelessness.

Acquiring mainstream recognition with its hand-knitted sweaters, checkered woolen patterns and long-lasting qualitative fashion items, SCAPA became a British Vogue regular in the 90’s. Today, we work worldwide, but the team remains small — still handling every detail as we used to. From designing and selecting fabrics, to researching manufacturer’s practices, to providing a heart-warming shopping experience. And above all, interpreting SCAPA within the context of #today.

With SCAPA fashion, you transform your day. And you’ll do so every day, from Antwerp to Argentina or any place you decide to land next. Be adventurous, be daring.

Feel how the refinement of our quality fashion transcends its classically inspired lines. Redefining the essential with quality materials, daring patterns and timeless designs. Subdued class.

Live with the essential. Life with SCAPA.