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Scapa Collection

We’re taking you on a nostalgic trip to wonderful Scotland, where the untamed nature and the mythical decor keep inspiring us.

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Scapa Sports

This fall, the line between casual and chic is blurred. Glamorous pleated skirts are in stark contrast with comfy sweaters and sporty bomber jackets.

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“Sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see”
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Scapa Looks

Our looks play with the senses. Ultra-soft textures, eye-catching prints and fluid silhouettes become extremely graceful as a whole.

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Scapa Men

Traditional classics get a modern update. Warm fall colours and unexpected combinations give your look its own character.

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Scapa Junior

Whatever the weather, kids can’t be stopped. Let them play without any worry in our nice warm sweaters and jackets. And they’ll look cooler than ever.

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Scapa Home

Now available online
From timeless throws and luxury scented candles to decorative vases. The Scapa Home collection is now available online!

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Did you ever wonder how to cook a dish that looks like a work of art? Or are you looking for original flower arrangements to wow your guests with? Discover these and more lifestyle tips in the Scapa Magazine.

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