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Havana Style

Midsummer splendour

Travel to the Havana of the fifties and get swept up in a nostalgic mix of soft pastels, watercolour prints, and romantic florals. A one-way ticket to the south has never been as tempting.


Fascinating Fabrics

The luxurious fabrics perfectly complement the look and feel of the collection. Bouclé and lurex are classics, with more supple fabrics added in the summer months. Think: silk blouses, stretch suede trousers, and summery tweed cardigans. Elegance is the key word in every wardrobe, especially in the warmer months to come. A timeless, high-quality piece looks even more luxurious on sun-kissed skin. Lace will also play a key role this season. Colourful lace has a youthful freshness to it, but you can never go wrong with classic white in the form of a lace top or shirt. Pair with a simple blazer or a cool cardigan.

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