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City Tripping

Keep things cool and fresh this season. Warm weather usually calls for exotic prints and cheerful colours, but restrained and natural tones in comfortable materials also fare well in summer. Stylish accessories add the finishing touch to your urban safari look.


The Scapa Originals woman is a global citizen; a woman of the world who loves to travel. Part of this collection therefore incorporates ethnic details, such as embroidery, ruffles, tie-dye prints, and hats.

Must-have: an off-the-shoulder printed dress with tie-dye effect. Indistinct shapes converge to create a beautiful print of flowers and stripes. An off-the-shoulder look is ideally paired with a statement necklace.

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In the mood for a spicy Berber tagine? Looking for must-see places to visit during your trip to Apulia? Scapa Magazine will introduce you to a world of inspiring personalities, styling tips, and beauty.

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