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SCAPA Originals


Comfortable basics are useful, but traveling in style means selecting pieces that can add an instant dose of fabulousness – in the city or the tropics.
Happy travels!

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Havana exudes that classic 1950s vibe: from the pastel cars and ice cream cones to the smartly outfitted men, complete with hats, and women of all ages dressed in elegant, flowy, and tailored dresses. An ode to Cuban carefreeness.

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SCAPA Sports

Prints Perfect

The best prints are easy to combine and don't have to clash. It's all about the look you're going for. Subtle combinations of lace and bouclé focus on texture, while louder prints steal the show with continuous patterns and playful details.

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Gentlemen's Club

Beige and blue are wardrobe staples for a classic men's look, but this season, we're blurring the boundaries and adding a tie to casual Fridays. Everything goes, as long as you trust your own sense of style and wear your clothes with flair.

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