Welcome to the SCAPA family…

Escape the ordinary. Legendary Antwerp based fashion brand providing authentic quality traditional couture with a contemporary twist.

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"Defining timeless, wearable fashion with a twist. For over 50 years now. By women, for women. And of course, we do care about men and kids too. We all have families …"

Arlette Van Oost, founder


"The DNA of SCAPA is simple and remained unchanged: authentic, timeless and durable. Also, this DNA evolves with the times, never making it outdated, but always refreshing."

Lene Kemps, fashion press


Feel how the refinement of our quality fashion transcends its classically inspired lines. Redefining the essential with quality materials, daring patterns and timeless designs. Made to love, designed to last.


Looking for SCAPA HOME collections ? They have their own shop now. Discover more at SCAPAHOME.COM